Episode 24: Mother Superior

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It feels good to be back! Mostly… I can’t say the same for Wrenn. If you are wondering why you feel like you are missing an episode or two, it’s because you are. But that is not a fault of yours, as we have had some trouble with our recording program (as emphasized by Steve). So we jumped ahead a little bit to where the party is now.

The party traversed through Argynsvolstholt. They found a room full of spiders, an old dreary captain, and when they left the place, a crazed man with a cart full of caskets with the party’s names on them were dropped off. Before the man could run away, he was stopped dead in his tracks! The party continues from that moment on, where another man by the name of Mister Jenkins appears to aide them onto the next leg of their adventure where the party goes to the sunken town of Berez.

Fun Facts: The name Jenkins serves as a triple reference. The first one being to a podcast of awesome people called The Fellows Bold, and they also do an awesome D&D live play podcast. The second reference is to a character that happens to always be in a campagin one way or another no matter what the setting or theme is, whose name also happens to be Jenkins. The third and final reference was to who we thought was the lead designer of the 5th Edition Curse of Strahd whose name is Christopher Perkins. We thought his name was Chris Jenkins for a brief moment before we discovered that there is no one by that name.

Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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